Rose Charboneau became the owner and manager of Big Rons Yoga College, Gainesville, FL in July of 2007. Ms. Charboneau has been a student of Ronny Dubinsky since 2004 and was personally trained by Ronny to teach his "bikram-styled class." Rose has a background in fitness training and has practiced various forms of Hatha yoga since the mid 1960s. She has done this in an effort to remain active in the various disciplines. This includes: Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, Nihon Go Shin Aikido, Kenjutsu, Qigong (an ancient Chinese health care system integrating physical  postures, breathing techniques and focused intention), Systema (Russian style Martial Art)  includes breathing concepts which are valuable for all of life, Kun Tao Silat, and she is currently teaching at Big Rons Yoga College. Ms. Charboneau has been teaching various techniques and disciplines for over 40 years.

At Big Ron’s Yoga we teach a dynamic sequentially paced series of poses designed to develop total physical conditioning for all levels of students. Their highly individualized modifications accommodate diverse physical conditions.

History of Big Rons

Our founders Ronny & Nancy Dubinsky have each taught for over 40 years. Ronny began at the Academy of Physical and Social Development in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. He received

his primary Montessori Teacher's Diploma in Perugia, Italy, with Nancy. He then trained with animal ethologist, Richard Parkey, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was the head trainer at Aztec Guard Dogs. For 2 years he was president of the American Working Dog Registry. In Naples, Florida, he owned and operated Federal Protection Institute, training man - dog teams for families and nationwide police departments.

Ronny began training intensively in yoga in 1983, receiving his Bikram yoga teaching certification from Bishnu Ghosh's College of Physical Education.

Nancy Dubinsky has studied and taught in France, Italy, and San Francisco. She received her Bachelor's Degree at San Francisco State University, her primary Montessori Diploma in Perugia, Italy, and her elementary Montessori Diploma at Saint Prince's Gate London, England. Since 1969 she has owned and operated 2 Montessori schools in New Mexico and Naples, Florida, and set up a third in Key West. She specialized in highly individualized and multi-level teaching.

Nancy has practiced Bikram yoga since 1983 and has been a yoga certified instructor since 1987.

Their son Rick has joined their teaching team. He has a background in fitness and weight training, and with extensive training with Ronny, Rick has become an asset to their training staff.

The Dubinskys opened one of the first 5 Bikram yoga schools in the world in the early 1980s. They have owned and operated yoga schools in Key West, Aventura, and Hollywood Florida, and are currently instructors at the Satellite Beach location of Big Ron's Yoga. Ronny, Nancy and Rick.



"Yoga" means unity: integration of the mind, body, and spirit. It has been practiced for over 6000 years. This class gives excellent physical and mental conditioning at any stage of life. It develops concentration, correct alignment, correct breathing, strength, endurance, and flexibility. It improves balance, focus, and energy. This class relieves stress, alleviates injuries, and has an overall therapeutic value.

Yoga is the Latest for Fitness and Exercise

Filled with people slick with sweat, the room is 100 degrees. Some are trembling with exertion, their limbs contorted. It's Yoga! Listening to testimonials of students from Big Ron's Yoga College in Gainesville, it may keep you away from your gym, chiropractor, and shrink, forever.

Originating 5,000 years ago and having made the journey from India to America over 100 years ago, yoga is the fastest growing form of fitness exercise. The metaphysical often takes a backseat to the physical for getting in shape and taking away stress. Comments of some of the students at Big Ron's Yoga College range from "it calms me down," "it's a natural face lift," "it improves my golf game," "gives me strength and confidence," and "gets rid of my headaches."

With practice, recommended at least 3 times per week, your muscles will soon be toned. You'll be flexible, even in long unused areas. The elderly, pregnant women, and children, can do the poses, so most others can come too. Ann Cushman, editor of Yoga Journal says, "The reason it's becoming so popular is because of the tremendous increase of stress in our society. It's an ancient system, and it's been well tested over the years."


I began Ronny's class with no mobility and a bum leg, thinking my life was over. After a lot of work, I was walking around Key West every day. How can you tell someone how much you appreciate that? - Shel Silverstein, Key West

Ron, you are the "ultimate yoga coach." The martial arts teaches you it's adaptability or perish. Adaptation requires flexibility. - Luis Rodriguez, student of Rickson Gracic, U.F.C. Miami

BIGRONS is the best way to train. - Carolyn Peck, Coach, U.F. Lady Gators

In nine months, I lost 40 lbs. and feel years younger. Thanks Ron and Nancy! - Steve Bristol, Hollywood

I am heavy and found an encouraging and friendly class. I’ve lost weight and my leg and foot problems are gone. - Michelle Lacey, Hollywood

Yoga has changed my life. It has increased my strength, flexibility and self-esteem. - Dennis Guttman, Gainesville

I’m a firefighterand competitive cyclist. This class reduces muscle soreness and recovery time. Great workout! - "SexiLexi," Gainesville

Nancy and Ronny's class helped me recover from my drug and alcohol abuse. I lost 60 lbs., and recovered my mind and body. - Rick Curry, Key West

It's like having a face-lift! - Jeannette, age 79, Aventura


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