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Experience "HOT" Yoga at Big Ron's Yoga College.
TOTAL MIND AND BODY WORKOUT! An exciting, challenging, hardworking, effective yoga class, "big ron-bikram-styled hatha yoga" is designed to work every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, gland and organ in your body. It improves your digestive and nervous systems. It develops balance, strength, flexibility and mental focus while detoxifying your body and promoting no-impact cardiovascular conditioning. New and experienced yoga students gain a unique sense of confidence while relieving stress with this total fitness program in a room heated to body temperature. All fitness levels welcome. This class is available at least twice a day 7 days a week.
See class schedule for times.
Please bring a couple of towels, water bottle, and a yoga mat.


Welcome to the class for every average guy who always wanted to try yoga but was afraid of being twisted into a pretzel. Whether you are sitting behind the wheel of a rig, a desk or operating a remote from the couch all day, this class is for you. Don't worry about being embarrassed in this class or any of our classes. Come learn how to use your strength and power to build flexibility and balance. We'll work on realigning your body to give you an edge in the activities you love, like the agility needed for rock climbing or the open hips to perfect that golf swing. Being flexible is not a prerequisite, but being open-minded is. Ladies are welcome to join us.

Classes are every Sunday at 12:00 noon.

Call more information.

Please bring a couple of towels, water bottle, and a yoga mat.


This on-going basic class is designed for those who want to try hot yoga, but at a slower and cooler pace. Taught in an 90 - 95 degree studio, this 90 minute class will give students the opportunity to learn each yoga pose with the direction of an experienced instructor. Get a great workout and enjoy the many benefits of "Big Rons" traditional yoga.
Classes are every Saturday at 12:00 noon.
Please bring a couple of towels, water bottle, and a yoga mat.


Holiday hours:
Easter: Closed

Memorial Day: 9:00 am only

Labor Day: 9:00 am only
Thanksgiving Day: 9:00 am classes only; No evening class
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Regular hours
Christmas Eve: 9:00 am class only
Christmas Day: Closed
New Years Eve: 9:00 am class only
New Years Day: 9:00 am class only

Call for schedule changes

Classes below are approximately 100 DEGREES FOR 100 MINUTES "HOT" CLASSES using infrared and traditional heat.
unless otherwise noted. See above for class descriptions.

Don't forget your towels! You will sweat!!